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6 Tips for Caring for Flowers in the Home Yard


Although flowers have beautiful shapes and colors, their beauty will be reduced if not cared for properly. Here's an easy way to care for flowers in the yard.

1. Apply Fertilizer for Strong Growth

Plants need nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to thrive and be strong. This can be obtained from fertilizers. Flowers for decoration generally require more phosphorus. Organic fertilizer is certainly more recommended, because it contains nutrients that are more similar to those received in their natural habitat.

2. Water the Flowers Regularly and Correctly

Watering needs to be done properly according to the conditions and needs of each flower. If your chosen flower doesn't need a lot of water, avoid watering it too often so it doesn't rot. On the other hand, flowers that require a lot of water need to be watered regularly to prevent the soil from drying out.

3. Make sure the flowers get enough sunlight

Sunlight is needed by plants to carry out photosynthesis and produce food. Therefore, make sure your flowers get enough sunlight.

4. Keep from Pest Attacks

Keep flowers from pests such as insects and caterpillars. Don't forget to clean the flowers of weeds and weeds.

5. Trim and Trim Decorative Flowers Periodically

Some flowers can grow very thick if left alone. So you have to regularly trim and tidy up the ends of the branches. This is also to help new shoots grow.

6. Make sure the pot has drainage holes

If you notice, the plant pot must have drainage holes under it. Why? Wouldn't the water just flow out again? That's right, that's what it does. Too much stored water will actually cause root rot. So, make sure you choose the right pot, OK?

Benefits of Planting Flowers

A touch of the beauty of flowers in the yard will certainly add to the beauty of the house, yes, it can even be part of the interior decoration. Regardless of the variety or the area of ​​your own yard, a touch of nature will add to the beauty of the house as well. Did you know, it turns out that not only in terms of aesthetics, planting ornamental flowers also has health benefits!

There are several benefits of gardening, namely gardening activities including exercise, so it can burn calories while lowering blood pressure. Spending time outdoors for gardening also makes your bones healthier thanks to vitamin D. Some ornamental flowers also have a distinctive and refreshing scent, this of course you can use for relaxation and stress relief.

The Habit of Planting Decorative Flowers for the Home is More Beautiful

Whether planted in pots at home or in a large yard outdoors, the touch of nature brought by ornamental flowers is sure to make your home more beautiful. Not only looks beautiful, but also gives a cool impression. When combined with other plants, you can even create a small garden that will add value to the beauty of your home.

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