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7 Interesting Facts About Tulips, Turns Out The Petals Are Edible


Not only known as one of the beautiful flowers with petals resembling a cup, apparently tulips have interesting facts that maybe not many people know. What are the features of tulips that are rarely known to people?

Tulips have been practically synonymous with the Netherlands, and even had a price equivalent to a house unit in the Land of the Windmills. So, what are some interesting facts about tulips that we deserve to know?

Reported from the Better Homes & Gardens page, here are 7 interesting facts about tulips.


1. Consists of thousands of varieties

So far, it has been proven that there are more than 3,000 varieties of tulips worldwide, including varieties that are grown both naturally and genetically cultured. Of the thousands of varieties, tulips are classified into 150 species.

2. Tulips are not from the Netherlands

During this time, many people thought that tulips came from the Netherlands. That's because of the many tulips that grow in the country. However, it turns out that tulips actually came from the mainland in the Central Asian region, then were brought to Turkey, then to the Netherlands around 1560.

3. Tulips are edible

Tulips are actually part of the lily family which also includes garlic, onions, and asparagus. Therefore, the petals of a tulip can be used as a substitute for onions and making wine. During World War II, tulips were often used as food to stave off hunger.

4. Has an almost perfect black variety

Tulip Queen of The Night, that's the name for one of the varieties of tulips that have dark purple petals close to black.

5. Each color has its own meaning

The next interesting fact is the meaning of the color of the tulip flower. Some tulip colors like red, white and purple have their own meaning. You can of course take it into consideration if you want to give tulips to someone.

Tulips with red petals signify true love. No wonder this breed sells well on Valentine's Day. White petal tulips mean apology or forgiveness, while purple tulips are a symbol of royalty.

6. Had become a very expensive flower

In the 1600s, the Tulip was considered a symbol of economic collapse in the Netherlands. Because, at that time the price of tulips could be equivalent to a house there.

7. Only bloom for 7-10 days

In some countries such as the United States, there is an annual tulip festival celebration held every May. Unfortunately, the celebration that is held to see the beauty of the tulips only lasts for about 7-10 days, because that's how long the tulips bloom

Here are seven interesting facts about tulips. You have to take good care of it if you decide to keep tulips so that they can grow lush and healthy.



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