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10 Types of Beautiful Decorative Flowers for Home

10 Types of Beautiful Decorative Flowers for Home

A home page filled with various types of ornamental flowers will add to the beauty of your residence. In addition, it also makes the house more beautiful. However, choosing flowers to be planted in the yard of the house needs to be done carefully, because the flowers you want may not match the location, design, or style of your home.

It's best if you first understand the types of flowers for home decoration, how to plant them, how to care for them, and the right area to plant them. Well, this article will discuss various kinds of flowers for beautiful decorations to be planted in the yard of the house and tips for caring for them. Here are the points:


1. Petunia Flower

Petunia flowers are shaped like trumpets with varying colors such as red, white, pale yellow, blue, and dark purple. This plant originating from South America can grow between 16-30 cm. Unfortunately, this beautiful petunia flower is short-lived with only one flowering period in its life. If you are growing petunias in your garden and want to see their beautiful colors more often, you will need to replace the old plants with new ones after flowering.

2. Orchid Flowers

Orchid flowers are one of the favorite flowers of many people because they have beautiful shapes and colors. Indonesia even makes one type of orchid flower, namely the moon orchid, as part of the national flower. Quoted from Good Hosekeeping, orchids are easy to grow, but need to be kept out of direct sunlight.

3. Lotus Flower

If you have a pool of water in your yard, the presence of one beautiful flower should not be ignored. Lotus flower considered the queen of flowers that grow in water. This flower grows on the surface of the water by sticking out from the middle of the leaf which is round and wide.

4. Tulips

Tulips are rarely found in Indonesia, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to grow them. However, make sure your house is located in an area that is high enough with the weather not being too hot.

5. Iris

Iris is one type of plant that has a fragrant aroma. This flower is also preferred because it has a variety of colors. Planting irises will make your yard seem cheerful and more beautiful.

6. Roses

Among the many flowers, perhaps the rose is the most popular and timeless flower. Roses are often used as a symbol of love and romance. The types and colors also vary, ranging from red roses, white, yellow, and even blue. Each type of rose also has a deep meaning.

7. Marigold Flowers

The bright golden orange color of marigolds adds a cheerful and energetic touch to your home. Pay attention to how to care for it by placing it in a place that is exposed to direct sunlight and has a good drainage system.

8. Hydrangea Flower

Its unique shape with tiny flowers gathered together like a ball makes this flower an attractive choice. The color of this flower is also very beautiful with variations such as blue, purple, and pink. Each has its own meaning. This hydrangea flower thrives in damp places. Do not water too much water because it will make the roots rot and eventually die. Give just enough water.

9. Amaryllis Flower

Another flower with bright and quirky colors and patterns. The orange or red color and the tall and sturdy stems make this flower a beautiful room decorator. Amaryllis can grow in indirect sunlight so it is also suitable as an indoor plant.

10. Christmas Cactus Ornamental Flowers

This cactus variant has beautiful flowers with pink or red colors that grow downward. This flower can grow in low light conditions, because too much sunlight can burn the leaves.

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