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Tips for Planting and Caring for Night Flowers, and Myths


Having your own home is a golden opportunity for those of you who want to be free and decorate your own home. There are lots of ways you can do to make your home look unique and attractive, one of which is to plant tuberose flowers.

Planting flowers like tuberose flowers at home can make you look more attractive and beautiful. In addition, you can have an interesting hobby, namely taking care of plants at home so that they can thrive well. So that you can grow tuberose flowers yourself, this article will discuss:

  1. Getting to know the Good Night Flowers
  2. How to Plant Night Flowers
  3. How to take care of night flowers
  4. Myth of Good Night Flowers

1. Getting to Know the Night Flowers

Indonesia is a tropical country that has many types of beautiful and attractive flowers. Flowers in tropical countries can bloom very beautifully and have very many variants. This provides an opportunity for you to look for various forms of attractive flowers to be planted in your home.

One flower that is suitable to be planted in your home is tuberose flower. As reported by Wikipedia, tuberose flower or also known as Polianthes tuberosa is a perennial green plant from the Asmat Tribe which until now is widely used as an ornamental plant or dried. This plant is also one of the plants originating from Mexico.

Historically, since the 17th century this tuberous flower plant has been widely used as perfume because it has a very fragrant aroma. Tuberose flower extract is taken and then mixed with oil from other flowers to give different fragrant effects.

Each country uses tuberose flowers in different ways. India and Bangladesh grow and cultivate the tuberose flower as an offering to God or use it as a decorative ornament. While in Indonesia itself, tuberose flowers are often used as a food ingredient.

Tuberose flowers are known to have a fragrant aroma. This flower is certainly very suitable to be planted in the garden of the house so that it can give a pleasant fragrance to your home. Want to have a house that is supported by beautiful garden facilities?

2. How to Plant Night Flowers

Create a beautiful home atmosphere by growing your own tuberose flowers at home. This plant can grow easily and does not require much maintenance. One of the advantages of living in a country with a tropical climate is that almost all types of plants can grow well with minimal obstacles. Reported from Garden Express, here's an easy way to grow tuberose flowers in your own home:

  • Tuberose flower is a plant that can grow easily in tropical countries. Therefore, this plant can grow well in areas that are warm and not too cold.
  • Prepare vacant land in your yard. Tuberose flowers need soil that is rich in nutrients and nutrients, that's why you should be able to mix fertilizer in the soil that will be used as a planting medium for tuberose flowers.
  • Also choose a place to plant that is exposed to direct sunlight, at least for 8 hours a day. Avoid growing tuberose flowers indoors because they will not grow without strong sunlight.
  • Plant the tuberose seeds in the soil to a depth of 5 cm and provide a distance between the plants of 15 to 20 cm so that the nutrients can be distributed evenly.
  • Flush the seeds with plenty of water until the soil becomes muddy. This plant requires large amounts of water, make sure the soil is always moist.

3. How to Take Care of Night Flowers

Planting a plant or flower is very easy. One of the difficult things is to keep the plant from getting rotten or dry and can thrive and become a beautiful plant. As with other plants, tuberose flowers require regular care to grow and bloom properly. Below are some ways that you can follow to care for tuberose flowers at home:

  • Water the plant periodically until the plant can thrive. Make sure to keep the soil moist, and water again before the soil becomes dry. Tuberose plants that grow large will have strong roots and can absorb water well.
  • When entering the dry season, water the plants with more quantities to avoid the plants from drying out and dying. However, you must also make sure that the soil can drain water well, because if the water does not flow then the plants will rot and die.
  • Give NPK fertilizer that contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in an amount of 1 to 1. Make a schedule to give fertilizer regularly every 6 weeks so that your plants can grow well.
  • Tuberose flowers will grow and begin to bloom in about 90 to 120 days. This is the right time if you want to cut the plant and take the flowers as decoration in your home. The plant will not die if you take flowers at this time.
  • If the stem of the tuberose flower begins to grow, you must immediately prepare a support or support so that the stem can stand up properly.
  • To stimulate the growth of tuberose flowers, you should cut flowers that have started to wilt and turn yellow. Cut periodically so that the plant can grow well.
  • Make sure you use clean plant shears when cutting stems from tuberose flowers. Cutting the plant with dirty scissors or a knife can cause the plant to become infected and wilt.

4. Myth of Good Night Flowers

There are many people in Indonesia who still believe in various forms of myths or traditional stories, especially those that have a mystical scent. These myths are often trusted seriously and not a few also carry out various forms of rituals based on existing myths.

Tuberose flower is one of the plants that has various myths circulating in the community. These myths can often invite chills down your spine, even though in reality they may not be so scary. Below are some myths about tuberose flowers:

  • Reported from Fragrantica, tuberose flower is known as a seduction flower or a flower used to seduce others. There are so many myths that forbid women to smell tuberose flowers in order to avoid the magic of someone who wants to win the heart of a woman he likes.
  • Tuberose flowers have a very fragrant and fragrant aroma when entering the night. There are so many who associate the fragrant aroma with the appearance of mystical things near you.
  • Many believe that by presenting tuberose flowers at the homes of those who are grieving, they can keep the spirits of the dead people calm and peaceful.
  • Tuberose flowers are also widely used as an antidote to witchcraft or black magic practices that attack homes. Therefore, many plant tuberose flowers on the front of the house to prevent supernatural things from entering the house.
  • The myth of the last tuberose flower is that if someone can see the tuberose flower growing and blooming, then that person can get fortune and profit in the near future.

Those are some tips for planting and caring for tuberose flowers and the myths attached to these flowers. Myths are not something you have to believe completely because often myths are not based on a clear scientific explanation. Good luck growing it at home!


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