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10 Types of Beautiful Decorative Flowers for Home


A home page filled with various types of ornamental flowers will add to the beauty of your residence. In addition, it also makes the house more beautiful. However, choosing flowers to be planted in the yard of the house needs to be done carefully, because the flowers you want may not match the location, design, or style of your home.

It's best if you first understand the types of flowers for home decoration, how to plant them, how to care for them, and the right area to plant them. Well, this article will discuss various kinds of flowers for beautiful decorations to be planted in the yard of the house and tips for caring for them. Here are the points:

1. Hibiscus Flower

Hibiscus flower or which has the Latin name Hibiscus rosa-sinensis is a shrub plant originating from East Asia. Hibiscus plant height reaches 2 m to 5 m and can grow all year round.

The flowers are white, yellow, orange, pink, to dark red with large sizes. Hibiscus flowers are very beautiful so they are suitable to be chosen as ornamental plants. You can also plant them in a row as a living fence and combined with other small flowers.

2. Lavender Flowers


Planting beautiful lavender flowers will not only make your yard beautiful and beautiful, but also free from insect disturbances. This type of flower that has a bluish purple color has a distinctive aroma that is proven to be effective in repelling mosquitoes.

This flower, which belongs to the Lamiaceae family, is not a tropical flower and usually grows in the highlands around 500-1300 meters above sea level. Lavender is actually not commonly grown in Indonesia, but now many plant lovers are starting to cultivate it.

There is nothing wrong if you try to grow lavender to help prevent mosquitoes from entering and nesting in your home. If the temperature and humidity are right, lavender will make a minimal-maintenance houseplant.

3. Bougenville Flowers

Bougenville flower is one of the ornamental plants that are widely cultivated in Indonesia. This flower is also known as paper flower because the petals are thin and light, very similar to paper.

Bougenville flowers have a variety of colors, including purple, white, red, and yellow. The stem has a hard texture, branches, and has sharp spines. Bougenville plants can grow to a height of 10 meters, but can also be used as a bonsai plant.

4. Japanese Flowers

Beautiful and alluring. That's the impression of the Japanese flower which has the scientific name Nerium oleander. But who would have thought behind its beauty, this flower has a dangerous poison. The poison is found in the sap of flowers which if accidentally swallowed will cause poisoning, even death.

Even so, the charm of Japanese flowers still attracts many people to be used as home decoration plants. Japanese flowers have adaptive properties so they can grow so fast and dense. This plant can also grow in various conditions, even in places that lack water and nutrients.

5. Baby Breath Flowers

This flower which has another name gypsophila is a type of flower that is commonly found in Europe and North Asia. Baby breath flower variants that are often found are white and pink flowers with a shape resembling a bush.

Baby breath flowers are a favorite flower to complete a bouquet. The shape of the baby breath is very small so it is suitable as a beautiful and charming flower arrangement.

6. Chrysanthemum Flower

The chrysanthemum or chrysanthemum is one of the favorite flowers among flower lovers. The shape of the flowers is not only beautiful, but also has a variety of color variants. In addition, this flower also has a characteristic soft aroma that is often added to tea. chrysanthemums are also often used as cut flowers for decoration. You can plant this flower in your yard because the various colors will make the garden look more lively.

7. Adenium Flower

Adenium flowers are able to grow in very dry environmental conditions, even in the desert though. This flower is used as an ornamental plant because it does not require complicated care. The flowers are also very beautiful and charming with stems that have humps like bonsai plants. Adenium flowers are one of the flowers that are highly recommended to inhabit the yard of the house.

8. Puring Flowers

Croton plants have long been used as garden ornamental plants because of the attractive color of their leaves. The leaves of the puring plant are not only monotonous green, but also have a dynamic blend of several colors. This is what attracts many people to plant puring flowers in their yard. Color variations also vary, ranging from green, yellow, orange, red, purple, to a mixture of these colors.

9. White Chrysanthemum Flower

Among the various colors of chrysanthemums, white chrysanthemums are most often used for decoration, especially wedding party decorations. This is because white chrysanthemums are considered a symbol of honesty and loyalty. In addition to beautifying the garden, planting white chrysanthemums may remind you of true love.

10. Jasmine Flower

Jasmine flower is a very popular flower in Indonesia, it is even used as one of the national flowers. This flower has a pleasant fragrance and is usually used for tea mixtures, perfumes, air fresheners, and others. You can plant jasmine flowers in your yard to enjoy the fragrance.

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