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10 Myths and Facts of Good Night Flowers, Let's Listen!


There is an interesting story behind the tuberose flower that has this fragrant smell

which proves that the aroma of tuberose flowers can increase the romantic atmosphere so as to increase interest in making love.

Interestingly, in addition to roses and jasmine, this flower is also often used as a mandatory flower placed on a gravestone!


Benefits of Good Night Flowers

Before finding out the myths and facts, you need to listen to the various benefits of tuberose flowers below.


1. Prevent Insomnia

Tuberose flowers are antidepressant and can calm our minds, and make us more relaxed.

For this reason, tuberose flowers are perfect for preventing insomnia for those of you who suffer from insomnia or chronic fatigue syndrome.

Therefore, tuberose flowers are often used as natural ingredients for aromatherapy because of their calming properties.


2. Useful for Reducing Cold and Cough Symptoms

Tuberose flowers are naturally antispasmodic which helps reduce cramps and coughs. This is a great treatment for influenza or colds.

In addition, tuberose flowers have anti-inflammatory properties that can help treat the symptoms of sore throat.


3. Often Used as Fragrances

Reporting from the journal PLOS One, tuberose flowers are also often used because they have a distinctive aroma.

No wonder many fragrance connoisseurs rely on this flower as an essential aromatherapy oil.

Research entitled The Effect of Inhalation of Essential Oils of Polianthes Tuberosa on Test Anxiety in Students: A Clinical Trial states that this type of flower helps provide a calming effect, suppresses the effects of anxiety, and deepens relaxation.

Do Moms and Dads often suffer from insomnia? Especially with the current state of uncertainty.

Try using an aromatherapy mixture consisting of sliced ​​red onion, sliced ​​garlic, sliced ​​ginger, and a sprig of tuberose flower. Place it in a clean container in the corner of the bedroom.


4. As Perfume Base Ingredients

Tuberose flowers have a fragrant natural aroma, so they are often used as essential oils and perfume base ingredients.

Many perfumes from various well-known brands are inspired by tuberose.

Call it starting from Jo Malone London, Tuberose Angelica; Annick Goutal, Tuberouse; Christian Dior, Dior Passage No. 9; L'Erbolario Tuberosa; to Zara, Tuberose Summer.

Well, if you like fragrances, you can choose a tuberous scent to keep your body smelling good all day long!

Perfume, not only adds to the freshness of the body's scent, but can also raise self-confidence and make the mood better, you know!


5. “Friendly” in Low Light

In Indonesia, Eid and Christmas holidays can be "marked" by the presence of tuberose flowers on the market.

Many people are willing to jostle just to get tuberose flower arrangements to celebrate the big day.

Could you be one of those people who are willing to compete with other moms in the flower market since 5 in the morning?

This is due to the competition of many people to get the fragrant flower aroma at night family gatherings.

Well, the smell of this flower that smells at night is actually influenced by the process of photosynthesis.

Did you know that tuberose flowers are indeed included in the category of scototropism plants? Scototoprism plants grow even in low light or dark conditions.

When photosynthesis takes place, the essential oil content in tuberose flowers will evaporate and spread a calming aroma.

The Myth of Good Night Flowers Circulating in the Community

After knowing the benefits and interesting facts of tuberose flowers, have you ever heard of the myths that develop in society about this flower?

Tuberose flowers grow and thrive in minimal light, especially at night.

In addition, the aroma of tuberose flowers will smell more "toner" at night. This is what is often associated with many magical things.

In Indonesia, there are at least some mystical myths associated with this ornamental plant.

Check out some of the tuberose flower myths that are often believed by many people below. Have you ever heard of any of these myths?

1. The Good Smell of the Night is a Sign of the Arrival of Spirits

The smell of tuberose flowers sometimes makes some people  shudder. This is because the meaning of this flower is often associated with the arrival of spirits.

It has long been believed, subtle beings will appear at night.

That is why, many people also believe that when they smell Polianthes tuberosa, it means that the spirit of the deceased is near them.

2. Used to Summon Spirits

Do Moms and Dads like to watch Indonesian horror movies? In some of the film's scenes, there is often a story about a shaman who summons a spirit with a tuberose flower arrangement in the background.

Besides being a sign of the arrival of spirits, this flower is also believed to be able to summon spirits.

Usually, this ritual is attached to someone who studies magic. No wonder this type of flower is always in the house of a shaman or psychic.

Do Moms and Dads believe this one myth?

3. Angels Will Be More Happy to Come Home

Not only inviting spirits to come to the house. The aroma of tuberose is also believed by many people that angels will more often and feel at home to linger in the homes of people who plant or have tuberose as part of the decoration.

Surely this myth can be a good sign and you want Moms to follow, right?

4. The Queen of the South Coast's Favorite Flower

Reportedly, not onlygreen coconut, tuberose flower is also a favorite flower of the Queen of the South Coast.

This is because of the shades of green in the stems and petals of tuberose flowers.

So, Moms and Dads are certainly not surprised, why many in the South Coast area advise tourists to bring tuberose flowers when visiting a location that is identical to the Queen of the South Beach.

5. Make Someone Longevity

Many people also believe that by planting tuberose flowers in the yard of the house, they can receive blessingslong live.

People who plant tuberose flowers are also believed to be kept away from the threat of disease to accidents that take lives.

Those are some of the benefits, facts, and myths about tuberose flowers that have been summarized by Orami.

Having a distinctive fragrance, lasting for a long time, and being a symbol of purity, this tuberose flower is sure to attract attention.

How are you? Do you believe?




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