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10 Most Expensive Mountain Bikes in Indonesia, Up to Hundreds of Millions!


Cycling has become the favorite activity of most people, especially those who live in big cities. Not only for exercising, but many choose to use bicycles as a mode of transportation to travel from one place to another. This is because bicycles are more environmentally friendly and save on parking costs.

However, it turns out that cycling can not only be done on smooth and flat roads, you know. Many people like to cycle in places with steep and even rocky terrain such as mountains. For those who like challenging activities, mountain biking can be a fun activity.

To be able to cycle in the mountains, of course you can't use just any bicycle. You need a mountain bike, which is definitely different from other types of bikes. Mountain bikes or commonly known as mountain bikes (MTB) also have several types, including soft tail or fullsus, hard tail, cross country, all mountain, trail, enduro, downhill, and others.

Indonesia has many mountains, so mountain biking is very easy to do here. Not to forget, mountain bikes are also quite easy to find in this country. There are many brands that you can choose according to your individual preferences.

If Santa Cruz is a well-known brand abroad, there are several Indonesian MTB brands that are not inferior, you know. So, what are the most expensive mountain bike brands in Indonesia in 2022 and their photos? Let's see first:


1. Polygon Xquarone EX9


Price: Rp. 102,000,000

With a price of Rp. 102,000,000, Polygon Xquarone EX9 is one of the most expensive mountain bikes in the MTB world. For your information, this one mountain bike is an enduro or all mountain (AM) type. This means that this one mountain bike is used for more serious mountain biking.

This bike has a stronger frame and longer suspension travel. This will certainly help the riders on the more rugged, complicated and technical trails. Even so, this type of MTB is still agile and light to maneuver up fast. Wow, no wonder the price is so fantastic!

For those of you who are serious about mountain biking or even want to join the race, this bike can be the right choice.


2. Polygon Xquarone EX9 Shimano XTR


Price: Rp. 93,000,000

Here's another mountain bike from the Polygon brand which has a fantastic price, namely the Xquarone EX9 Shimano XTR series. In addition to different series and prices, this MTB also belongs to a different group from the first one. If the first is the enduro type, this MTB is included in the downhill type.

So, according to its type, this MTB is designed to go downhill, of course with the help of gravity. Not only smooth derivatives, yes, but also bumpy, winding, and full of technical derivatives. Of course, this is made so that riders can go down hills with steep paths as quickly and efficiently as possible.


3. Patrol E-Six S 2020


Price: Rp. 80,000,000

Apart from Polygon, Patrol is also one of the domestic mountain bike manufacturers with the most expensive series. One of the most expensive series Patrol is valued at Rp. 80,000,000. Interestingly, this mountain bike is not just any bicycle, but is an e-MTB or electric mountain bike.

For the E-Six series, it is included in the full suspension group. That is, this mountain bike has a suspension on the frame so that the bike can absorb collisions. This E-MTB is not suitable for use on smoother terrain because it is heavier. Reportedly, this e-MTB has been exported to various countries in the world, you know.

One thing that makes the Patrol E-Six S different from the usual type is the presence of the SLX groupset in this series. SLX is designed to have good resistance to mountain routes that tend to go up and down.


4. United Oxyde Pro (9)


Price: Rp. 67,725,000

There is another, no less good local mountain bike brand, namely United. One of the series is even included in the ranks of the most expensive, you know, namely United Oxyde Pro (9) at a price of Rp. 67,725,000. Many sources say that this MTB is a cross country type.

So, you can use this series of mountain bikes to cross rocky roads in the mountains because the wheels are quite big and strong.


5. Marin Pine Mountain E2

Price: Rp. 58,980,000

There's another, no less cool electric mountain bike brand, namely Marin. As the name implies, this one bike uses a motor as an additional propulsion in addition to the pedals. Pine Mountain is one of the series that belongs to the hard tail or single suspension group from the Marin brand.

That is, this bike does not have additional suspension on the frame so it is more suitable for use on less extreme terrain, only on rocky or damaged roads without deep potholes or high jumps.


6. Polygon Collosus Dhx

Price: Rp. 55,000,000

Polygon is a local mountain bike brand that has many variations. There is another series that is included in the downhill category, namely Collosus Dhx. When compared to the Polygon Xquarone EX9 Shimano XTR series, of course this one is much cheaper, which is Rp. 55,000,000.

As the name implies, this one mountain bike is designed to go down the mountain, of course with the help of gravity. Not only through a smooth descent, but also a winding and rocky one.


7. United E-Clovis 2020

Price: Rp. 52,000,000

For mountain bikers who have fallen in love with the United brand, you should know that they also have their own e-MTB with the name E-Clovis which was just produced in 2020. For mountain bikers who want to use the United brand, This series can be used as an option, you know.


8. Pacific Skeleton 5.0 27.5 

Price: Rp. 49,800,000

Pacific Skeleton 5.0 27.5 is one of the mountain bike series that is included in the all mountain category. That is, for those of you who like mountain biking in areas with difficult terrain, this series is perfect for use because it will be very helpful.

9. Pacific E-Strong

Price: Rp. 41,000,000

Not only all mountain bikes, but Pacific also issued an E-bike aka electric MTB, you know. So, for those of you who want to do mountain biking with the help of a motorbike as a bicycle propulsion, you can use this one series!


10. Thrill 27.5 Ricochet T160 1.0


Price: Rp. 29.210,000

Thrill is an MTB brand that can be an option. This series is included in the full suspension category so it is suitable for rough terrain.

Those are some of the most expensive mountain bike brands in Indonesia and their pictures. For those of you who want to try new things or like a challenge, mountain biking can be an activity that must be tried. If you want to buy a mountain bike, make sure to choose the best quality to avoid unwanted things! Don't forget to wear a helmet.

For those of you who feel you need a mountain bike but with a limited budget, there are several brands or types that offer cheaper prices. Some examples are Aviator, Pacific, Thrill, Phoenix, Exotic, Trek, and others. Some are also sold in e-commerce you know. So, no need to worry.


Have any other recommendations?? Comment below, guys!

Note: All data above is the latest data at the time this article was written. If there is a recent change that you notice, please inform us to fix it immediately.


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