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10 Most Expensive Downhill Bikes, Suitable For Triggering Adrenaline


Mountain biking or mountain biking is one of the adventure activities that triggers adrenaline, but there are quite a lot of devotees. As the name implies, this activity involves a person riding a bicycle in the mountains or in fairly rough terrain.

For people who like challenges, this activity can certainly be something fun to do, there is even a mountain bike racing competition you know.

Of course, the bicycle used is also different from the usual and not arbitrary. To be able to cycle on mountains with steep terrain and rocky roads, you need a mountain bike or mountain bike (MTB). Not to forget, mountain bikes are also divided into several types.

Several types of mountain bikes include trail, cross-country, enduro (also known as all-mountain), downhill (also known as gravity), dirt jump, free ride, fatbikes, e-bikes, and MTB for women. Downhill is one of the most popular types of MTB. As the name implies, this bike is specially designed for up and down hills.

Of course, downhill mountain bikes are quite easy to find in Indonesia because this country has many hilly areas. There are many types of downhill mountain bikes in Indonesia, one of which is from Polygon. Of course, with prices that vary, from cheap to expensive.

Well, curious what are the most expensive downhill bikes in Indonesia and their photos? Let's see first:


1. Polygon Xquarone EX9 SRAM XX1


Price: Rp. 102,000,000

foto by: bicycle.me The Polygon Xquarone EX9 SRAM XX1 is the most expensive downhill bike. The price reaches 102 million rupiah. Xquarone EX9 is one of the newest series and will provide a paradigm that the suspension travel mechanism will no longer limit the performance of a downhill bike.

The Xquarone EX9 is also designed with a shorter rear end construction to be tough on technically demanding terrain and can go through cornering terrain more quickly. That is, the riders can pass obstacles quickly and easily when riding this bike. Wow, it's worth the price!

However, for those of you who really like downhill cycling and plan to join the race, this Polygon series can be the best choice, you know. The color and appearance is very manly, right?


2. Polygon Collosus DH9 Team Edition 2019

Price: Rp. 100,000,000

photo by: 99spokes.com Next, there is the Polygon Collosus DH9 Team Edition 2019 whose price is still in the hundreds of millions. Why is it so expensive? Apparently, the Collosus DH9 Team Edition has a longer front end, a longer wheelbase, and uses an upper linkage design with the latest carbon material.

Not to forget, the Collosus DH9 has also been trusted by world-class athletes in various countries to compete in world bicycle competitions, you know. So, for those of you who want to take part in the competition, this Polygon series can also be a good choice!


3. Polygon Xquarone EX9 Shimano XTR

Price: Rp. 93,000,000

photo by: 99spokes.com There's more, the Xquarone EX9 series which is no less expensive, at a price of 93,000,000 rupiah. As the name implies, this downhill bike series is equipped with a Shimano XTR. In shimano classes, XTR is one of the high end and is designed for professionals.

Because, this type of shimano has high durability and light weight, making this bike very suitable for racing. The appearance and color also looks very manly, right?


4. Polygon Xquarone EX8 SRAM X01

Price: Rp. 82,000,000

foto by: bicycle.me Before the Xquarone EX9 series was born, the Xquarone EX8 series was the most advanced. Both have a lot in common because they belong to the same series, it's just that the Xquarone EX9 is more modern than the EX8. In addition, the price is also much cheaper than the EX9. The difference is quite a lot, you know, almost 20 million rupiah.

Even so, you can still use this downhill bike to practice or even race. The model is no less cool huh!


5. Polygon Xquarone DH9 2019

Price: Rp. 75,000,000

foto by: bicycle.me As the name implies, this Polygon product is a downhill bike which is abbreviated as DH and was produced in 2019. Wow, it's still quite new, isn't it? So, do not be surprised if the price is still high, namely Rp. 75,000,000. This downhill bike series is included in the full sus or full suspension category.

This means that you can use this one downhill bike in tough terrain because they have two suspensions on the front fork and the center frame. With a full suspension downhill bike, the pedal power lost to the suspension during an incline will be reduced.


6. Polygon Xquarone EX8 Shimano XT

Price: Rp. 73,000,000

foto by: kuning.me Furthermore, there is another Polygon Xquarone EX8 series which is included in the ranks of the most expensive downhill bikes in Indonesia. One thing that is quite unique from this one bicycle series is the shimano XT. The Shimano on this bike is one of the most high end in its class.

Usually, athletes' mountain bikes contain a shimano XT. This is because the Shimano XT has high durability but is light in weight, making it suitable for professional downhill bikes!


7. Polygon Collosus DH9 2019

Price: Rp. 68,000,000

foto by: bicycle.me If you are looking for a Polygon DH series that is cheaper than the Team Edition, this could be the right series, namely the Polygon DH9 2019. As the name implies, this is a downhill bike that was produced in 2019. Apart from the price, the color is also also different you know. Well, you can try this for those of you who want to get serious about mountain biking!


8. Polygon Xquarone EX7 SRAM GX

Price: Rp. 65,000,000

foto by: bicycle.me There is another downhill bike that is suitable for adrenaline lovers, namely the Xquarone EX7 SRAM GX series. The price is much cheaper than the top five, but the design is no less cool, you know. In addition, you can still use this one mountain bike to compete.


9. Polygon Xquarone DH8 2019

Price: Rp. 58.500.000

image by: bicycle.me As the name implies, this is a downhill bike that was produced in 2019. So, it's still relatively new, right. The price is also much cheaper than the top five. Well, for those of you who want to practice for a competition or even directly compete, this series bike can also be used!


10. Polygon Xquarone EX7 Shimano SLX

Price: Rp. 58,000,000

foto by: bicycle.me This Polygon series has a Shimano SLX. Well, the shimano SLX has good resistance to ups and downs in the mountains and good gearshift with 12 speeds. The price is also relatively cheap when compared to the top five, you know!

Those are some of the most expensive types of downhill bikes in Indonesia 2022 along with their pictures. For those of you who want to try new things or like challenges, cycling down the mountain can be an activity that must be tried. If you want to buy a downhill bike, make sure to choose the best quality to avoid unwanted things! Don't forget to wear a helmet.

For those of you who feel you need a mountain bike but with a limited budget or other types, there are several brands or types that offer cheaper prices and more varied types. Some examples are Aviator, Pacific, Thrill, Phoenix, Exotic, Trek, United, and others. Some are also sold in e-commerce you know. So, no need to worry.


Have any other recommendations?? Comment below, guys!

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